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PenRod is the  gallery and studio name for the photography of Penrhyn and Rod Cook.   We have created work both as a team in which case the work is signed as PenRod and and also as individual photographers.  The various bodies of work we have created can be accessed through the WORK  page listed above.  

Penrhyn’s images consistently surprise me; not because I am unaware of her talent; that question was settled many years ago.  They surprise me because more often than not she reveals a new layer of her vision and abilities that heretofore were only hinted at.  She finds beauty in common things, has a razor sharp eye for irony, and arranges the elements in her frame in unique ways that are often only evident after she has chosen to show you. She takes what’s near at hand and makes it art.

Rod Cook, 2020

There is an atmosphere and intensity to Rod’s photography that I have always found compelling, particularly his treatment of the contemporary nude where he is in his element. Here, his humanist approach and celebration of women and the female body sets him apart from others. Rod loves stories and his imagery often includes narratives that have something to teach us about societies standards of beauty and the Puritan need to cover our bodies. He takes ordidnary people and shows them as unique and beautiful.

Penrhyn Cook,2020


325 Lafayette Street Unit 9105

Bridgeport, CT 06604

203 228 2127

203 992 1001

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